About JTI Soft for Windows

System Requirements

Windows 7 or later is required to run JTI Soft for Windows. Depending on your computer and network configuration settings, you may need administrator permissions in order to install. Internet access is required for automatic updates only.


  • To install JTI Soft for Windows, first visit the download page and click the "Download Installer" button
  • This will download a file called Setup.exe to your computer. Double-click this file to begin installation
  • Depending on your security settings, Windows may prompt you to confirm that you want to run a file downloaded from the Internet. If you receive this confirmation prompt, you can click the "More Info" link and then press the "Run anyway" button.
  • The installation will take just a few seconds and will automatically add a shortcut to your desktop and to your start menu. Double-click this shortcut to open JTI Soft for Windows


The first time you open JTI Soft for Windows, you will be prompted to download a copy of the latest data. Simply click the "Update now" button to download this data.

From time to time Johanson may release updates to the data or to the calculations. If there are any updates available you will be prompted to download them by clicking the "Update now" button. You may also check for updates manually or verify the version of JTI Soft that you are running by selecting "Check for Updates" under the "Data" menu.


If for any reason you need to remove JTI Soft for Windows, you can do so by visiting the "Control Panel" in Windows and choosing "Add or Remove Programs". Click JTISoft in the list of installed programs and select "Uninstall".